Will, AI kills Developer's jobs?

Author: neptune | 22nd-May-2022 | Views: 690
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AI is capable of code in any language without the developer's bits of help. It was said that in 2017, "AI writes code by 2040?"

OpenAI's GPT-3, is now available in beta version for testers and is capable of code in almost any language. 

GPT-3 can code in CSS, JSX, and Python. It was trained on billions of lines and words.

What is GPT?

Generative Pre-trained Transformer (GPT) is an autoregressive language model that uses deep learning to produce human-like text.

Evolution of GPT-n


Initially, GPT trained on a few thousand books and 8 GPU machines. It was an initial tiny version trained by pairing supervised learning with unsupervised pre-training.


It was the scaled version of GPT with 10X more training data and parameters. Still, data is limited and mostly contains the links from Reddit. It was described as "Chameleon-like" which is a synthetic text generator. It does not perform tasks like translation answering and summarization.


It is the latest version in the AI world, It is 116x higher in size than its previous versions. It is drastically scaled up in terms of size and training reaching about 175 billion parameters.

Beta testers use GPT-3 to create buttons, tags, data tables, or homepages using basic knowledge of coding. With the rapid development of AI, the developer's jobs won’t be in a safe zone in the future: No-code and AutoML will do that.

Other Examples:

No-code refers to visual tools that build new products, websites, data analysis, and development. 

Tools like WordPress, Wix, and Shopify are examples of no-code which helps millions of people to build on their own rather than hire designers or developers.


AutoML or automated machine learning is the second tool, which drastically shortens the time for bringing AI into production or development.

In Coming future

GPT-3 will add a spark wave of no-code and AutoML tools. Many employers or businesses will opt for these tools instead of hiring expensive programmers or developers.

Naturally, the lowest-skilled developers or programmers will be the first to go, while experts will enjoy job security for longer.

Only 12% of people correctly recognized the text generated by AI 88% were fooled these results are incredible.


GPT-3’s performance has convinced us that Artificial intelligence is closer or at least AI-generated code is closer than we think. It generates imaginative, insightful, deep, and even excellent content.

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