Core Python Syllabus for Interviews

Author: neptune | 26th-Jul-2023
#Python #Interview


  • History & need of Python.

  • Application of Python

  • Advantages of Python

  • Disadvantages of Python

  • Installing Python Program structure.

  • Interactive Shell

  • Executable or script files.

  • User Interface or IDE


  • Working with Interactive mode

  • Working with Script mode Python Character Set

  • Python Tokens, Keywords, Identifiers, Literals, Operators 

  • Variables and Assignments 

  • Input and Output in Python


Data Types

  • Numbers

  • Strings

  • Lists 

  • Tuples

  • Dictionary

  • Set

  • Frozenset

  • Bool

  • Mutable and Immutable


  • Introduction to Python String

  • Accessing Individual Elements

  • String Operators

  • String Slices 

  • String Functions and Methods


  • Introduction to Python List

  • Creating List

  • Accessing List

  • Joining List

  • Replicating List

  • List Slicing


  • Introduction to Tuple

  • Creating Tuples

  • Accessing Tuples

  • Joining Tuples

  • Replicating Tuples

  • Tuple Slicing


  • Introduction to Dictionary

  • Accessing values in dictionaries 

  • Working with dictionaries

  • Properties


  • Introduction to Set and Frozenset

  • Creating Set and Frozenset

  • Accessing and Joining

  • Replicating and Slicing


  • Arithmetic Operators

  • Relational Operators

  • Logical Operators

  • Membership Operators

  • Identity Operators

  • Bitwise Operators

  • Assignment Operators

  • Operators Precedence

  • Evaluating Expression

  • Type Casting


Conditional Statements

  • The if Statement

  • The if-else Statement 

  • The if-elif Statement

  • Nested if Statements

  • Python Indentation

Looping and iteration.

  • The For Loop

  • The While Loop

  • Loop else Statement

  • Nested Loops

  • Break and Continue

The Range Function

  • Introduction to range()

  • Types of range() function. 

  • Use of range() function


Built-In Functions 

  • Introduction to Functions.

  • Using a Functions 

  • Python Function Types

  • Structure of Python Functions. 

            Eg. map, zip, reduce, filter, any, chr, ord, sorted, globals, locals, all, etc.

User Defined Functions Program

  • Structure of a Python w.r.t. UDF

  • Types of Functions

  • Invoking UDF

  • Flow of Execution

  • Arguments and Parameters

  • Default Arguments, Named Arguments

  • Named Arguments

  • Scope of Variables

  • Lambda function

Recursion Function

  • Use of recursion function.


Built-in Modules

  • Importing Modules in Python Programs

  • Working with Random Modules.

            Eg.-builtins, os, time, datetime, calendar, sys, etc.

User Defined Modules

  • Structure of Python Modules


  • Text and Bytes files

  • Opening a file

  • Reading and Writing Files

  • Other File tools MS Excel files

  • Introduction to MS Excel files


  • Classes as User-Defined Data Type

  • Objects as Instances of Classes

  • Creating Class and Objects

  • Creating Objects by Passing Values

  • Variables & Methods in a Class

If you are preparing for an interview for Python then this is a complete syllabus for a Python developer. Let me clear if you re preparing for beginner level then just understand the basics of each topic. Accordingly, you can prepare in advance by going in deep into each topic.

Hope this helps you prepare for Python.

Thanks for Reading !!!

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