Create MySQL Database from Scratch
Author: neptune | 31st-Aug-2022 | views: 116
How to create a DB in MySQL Server from Scratch? Step1: Open MySQL Workbench or CMD Prompt...
8.SQL Query to Count odd and even digits in a number
Author: neptune | 24th-Apr-2022 | views: 194
#SQL #Hackerrank
Problem Statement : Write a query that counts odd and even digits in a number...
7.Query of Hacker Rank The Report
Author: neptune | 23rd-Apr-2022 | views: 778
#SQL #Hackerrank
Problem Statement : generate a report containing three columns: Name, Grade and Mark. Ketty doesn't want the NAMES of those students who received a grade lower than 8...
6.Query of Hacker Rank Employee Salaries.
Author: neptune | 21st-Apr-2022 | views: 249
#SQL #Hackerrank
Problem Statement : Query that prints a list of employee names for employees in Employee having a salary greater than $2000 per month and experience less than 10 months...
5.Query of Hacker Rank Weather Observation Station 8.
Author: neptune | 22nd-May-2022 | views: 1510
#SQL #Hackerrank
Query the list of CITY names from STATION which have vowels (i.e., a, e, i, o, and u) as both their first and last characters. Your result cannot contain duplicates...
4.Query of Hacker Rank Weather Observation Station 6.
Author: neptune | 27th-May-2022 | views: 1190
#SQL #Hackerrank
Query the list of CITY names starting with vowels (i.e., a, e, i, o, or u) from STATION. Your result cannot contain duplicates...
3. Query of Hacker Rank Weather Observation Station 4.
Author: neptune | 20th-Apr-2022 | views: 687
#SQL #Hackerrank
Problem Statement : Find the difference between the total number of CITY entries in the table and the number of distinct CITY entries in the table...
2.Query of Hacker Rank Weather Observation Station 3.
Author: neptune | 20th-Apr-2022 | views: 162
#SQL #Hackerrank
Problem Statement : Query a list of CITY names from STATION for cities that have an even ID number. Print the results in any order, but exclude duplicates from the answer...
1. Basic SQL Select Query of Hacker Rank.
Author: neptune | 20th-Apr-2022 | views: 133
#SQL #Hackerrank
Problem Statement : Query all columns for all American cities in the CITY table with populations larger than 100000. The CountryCode for America is USA...

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