How I Built My Blogging Website Using React, Node.js, and Jamstack Architecture?
Author: neptune | 05th-Jul-2024
#JavaScript #API
Building a blogging website using React, Node.js, and Jamstack architecture was a rewarding experience...

How to Get Started with Jamstack: A Comprehensive Guide?
Author: neptune | 05th-Jul-2024
#JavaScript #API
Getting started with Jamstack involves choosing the right tools, setting up a structured development environment...

Why, What, and When: Understanding Jamstack?
Author: neptune | 05th-Jul-2024
#JavaScript #API
Jamstack represents a modern approach to web development that addresses many of the challenges faced by traditional architectures...

Why API Authentication?
Author: neptune | 01st-Jan-2023
API's play a vital role in linking applications to exchange services and data. There are a variety of ways to authenticate API requests...

Architecture of API Gateway
Author: neptune | 15th-Nov-2022
#API #Microservice
Creating an API starts with the publisher, where it will be designed, and it will be published to the store for the consumer to explore and subscribe...

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In this blog I use the AWS Ubuntu 18.22 instance as Hosting platform and used Apache2 server with mod_wsgi for configurations. We create a django sample project then configure server...

Create Your First App in React with Redux | Counter app
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Creating your first app in React can be a daunting task, but with the right guidance, it can be a fun and rewarding experience. Will guide you to create a counter app in React with redux...

Generative AI Made Easy: Explore Top 7 AWS Courses
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Will Infosys and TCS Meet the Same Fate as India's Cotton Mills?
Author: neptune | 12th-Jun-2024
India's textile industry serves as a cautionary tale for today's tech outsourcing leaders, Infosys, TCS, and other Indian IT giants must navigate these changes carefully, continually adapting...

Musk Buys AI.com From OpenAI, Establishing xAI as the New AI Center
Author: neptune | 03rd-Aug-2023
Elon Musk acquires AI.com from OpenAI, redirecting users to his new AI venture, xAI, intensifying competition in the AI domain...