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When you first-time visit NeptuneWorld definitely the first thing that comes to your mind is why “Neptune”. Then you think about the planet 🌎 Neptune but my friend “Neptune” didn’t refer to planet, it is something very special to me. Let's not revel that 😜.

I can tell you why I created If you are in IT industry then you know that we very frequently came across some issues if we can’t figure that out ourself then we start googling. Some times we got the solution bcoz definitely someone also faced the same issue in past but it didn’t work always then we have to figure that out with ourself.

Now we have a solution after spending good amount of effort. We would definitely like to share that with other so that they can use that if came across the same issue.

I created to share those issues so others can use that if they face the same issue.

Now you are thinkiing we already have lots of platforms to post the issues our favourite stackoverflow. I completely agree with you but my friend being in IT industry everyone want to develop their own applications. I also feels the same to create my own application, actually it feels good when you write founder of xyz 😀. Python popular framework Django makes it very easy and quick for me.

Tools and technologies used for development.

Backend processing, we used Django 3.1 python framework. Frontend development HTML 5, Bootstrap4, CSS, and little bite Jquery. For hosting, I used AWS(Amazon Web Services) ec2 instance with an Apache2 server and django SQLite database. Also used Github for maintenance and updates.

I would like to personally invite you to visit once and provide your valuable feedback. Since I alone played a role of developer, tester and support. I would love to hear your comment and feedback.

Happy learning!


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Learning is the Key to Success !!!