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NeptuneWorld is an educational site providing content on Python programming, Web Development, Machine Learning, and Data Science to all the programmers and budding programmers across the internet.

In NeptuneWorld, we write simple and easy to understand Courses and tutorials covering all the essential topics related to Python.

The NeptuneWorld always working to make a better resource for our users. We regularly update our courses and blogs to improve their quality and correctness.

Founded by Gopesh Yadav , the sole purpose of NeptuneWorld is to provide content to everyone in a simple and easy format.

Tools and technologies used for development.

For backend processing we used Django 2.1 python framework. HTML5, Bootstrap4, CSS, and Jquery used for frontend development. For hosting we used AWS(Amazon Web Services) with Apache2 server and SQLite database. Also used GIT for maintainace and updates.