25 Basic Java interview questions.

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25 basic interview questions.

  1. Why java is platform independent language?
  2. What is data Encapsulation ?
  3. What is JIT compiler?
  4. Why Java doesn't use pointers ?
  5. Why Java is not pure object oriented language ?
  6. What is the difference b/w instance variable and local variable ?
  7. What is the difference b/w equals() and equality operator (==) ?
  8. How method overloading different from overriding ?
  9. Can be declare single try block with multiple catch blocks?

  10. Why we use final keyword in variable, method and class ?
  11. Can be declare a infinite loop in java ?
  12. What is the difference b/w Array and ArrayList ?
  13. How HashSet different from TreeSet ?
  14. What do you mean by Constructor Overloading ?
  15. What is the difference b/w JVM, JRE and JDK ?
  16. What is the difference b/w String, StringBuffer and StringBuilder ?
  17. In Java static and private method overriding possible ?
  18. What is the difference b/w HashMap and HashTable in Java?
  19. How constructor different from method in Java ?
  20. What is synchronization in Java ? Explain with Example.
  21. How interfaces and abstract classes are different ?
  22. What are the reason behind making String immutable in Java ?
  23. To store confidential information Character Array or String is preferred ?
  24. How Java thread lifecycle works ?
  25. Why it is said that length() method of String class not return accurate length ?

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