What exactly you can do with Python?

Author: neptune | 27th-Jan-2023 | Views: 510

If you are going to learning python or you recently started learning it - you may have the question?

"What exactly you can do with Python ?"

Well, it's a tricky question to answer because there is the various application of Python. But, I will tell you about 3 main applications of Python.

  • Web development

  • Machine learning

  • Scripting

Let's get started with Web Development :-

1. Web Development

Django and Flask are very popular python framework for web development. These are widely used nowadays for creating a server-side code (backend code) for the applications in Python. Backend code that runs on the server-side, while front-end code runs on the user's devices.

Why do I need a framework for web development?

It help's in mapping complex URL's to HTML pages and assists in creating and handling and databases.

Which framework you should use?

Django and Flask are very user friendly frameworks. I will suggest you Django if you are determining to build a website like a bloging, news, e-com, etc. It gives you more control over the admin panel and databases. You can also go for Flask if you are just a beginner in web development.

If you are looking to start with Django then, I recommend the book "Django for beginners" or you can also follow Youtube channels.

2. Machine learning

Machine learning is an immense topic it is difficult to explain all of it here, I will try to make it brief.

It is better to describe Machine learning by giving an example.

Let's say you want a program that will automatically detect the objects in an image. You have pictures of cat and chair and you want your program to automatically recognize which picture has a cat or chair. If I ask you,"You can quickly tell me", but in case you program it is not that easy How you recognize it quickly? It is because you have past experience. Hope you understand what am I trying to say.

Your program needs to learn in the same way you need to feed him with lots of pictures of cats and chairs and tell him which one is cat and chair. After that, it can correctly recognize which one is cat and chair. That we call Model training in machine learning. Later when you provide the image it can quickly recognize the image.

This is how we train and test machine learning models.

Other domains in machine learning are

  • Recommendation systems-like movie recommendations, product recommendations

  • Face recognition

  • Voice recognition

There are lots of Machine learning algorithms you may have heard of-

  • Neural network

  • Random Forest

  • Support vector machines

  • Deep learning

You can use any one of them to solve the above problem of cat and chair.

If you are curious to start then you can start with build-in Machine Learning algorithms in Scikit-learn and TensorFlow.

  • Scikit-learn comes with build-in algorithms.
  • TensorFlow is a kind of low-level library that allows you to build custom machine learning algorithms.

Keep in mind that, you need to know the basic concept of calculus and linear algebra to get started with algorithms or any Machine learning courses.

kaggle is the best place to practice machine learning problems and algorithms. You can also find nice tutorials for starting Machine Learning.

3. Scripting

What is scripting ?

Script is a small, interpreted program that can perform a series of tasks and make decisions when a specific condition meets.

Let's take a situation where you have to download the videos using links that you have, now you have to copy and paste all the URLs into the browser and wait till the video download.

Scripting will make this easy for you it will hit all the URL's in the browser one after the other and save the video automatically. That's the power of scripting.

You can write the script in python or any other scripting language but python has easy to understand syntax.

Hope this article gives you an idea about what you can do with Python.

Anyway, thanks a lot for reading the article (:}.

anonymous | June 2, 2021, 11:25 a.m.

Nice article

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