How to create a Selenium, Cucumber Automation project in Eclipse ?

Author: neptune | 02nd-Apr-2023
#Selenium #Testing

Problem Statement : Let’s consider this particular project where we will try automating the process of booking a flight ticket. 

Let’s get started and see how it’s done using Selenium.

First divide the process into the various steps to understand working in brief of a project.

Steps in brief:

  1. We’ll start with initialising the browser driver and then log in to the web page

  2. Find the flight according to the user requirements

  3. Select a flight and book it

  4. Capture a screenshot of the confirmation page

Now let’s have a look at the steps involved in the creation of this project.

Step 1: Create a Workspace

Step 2: Create a Maven Project in the above workspace

Go to File-> Go to New-> Others -> Maven Project to create a new Maven Project.

Step 2: Add the dependencies to pom.xml file

Now add the dependencies to pom.xml file

Step 3: Create the packages

Create the packages under the src/main/java folder and the src/test/java folder and start writing the piece of code.

Step 4: Setup the TestRunner class

Step 5: Create features in SpiceJet.feature

Now create a feature in SpiceJet.feature file.

Step 6: Create features in

In create the step definitions as per your features that you created in SpiceJet.feature.

That’s how we create a Maven Cucumber Project in Eclipse.

Thanks for Reading !!! 

If you have any questions let me know in the comment section.

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