Automate Ticket Booking in SpiceJet from Delhi to Bengaluru using Selenium and Cucumber.

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In this article we will automate the ticket booking scenario on SpiceJet website.

First of all, you need to create a maven project in eclipse or IntelliJ IDE then add all the cucumber, TestNG, and other dependencies in the pom.xml file.

Check dependencies here.

Then Follow these steps and create the required classes and feature files:-

1. Create a Cucumber file (SpiceJetTicketBooking.feature)

In feature file we write the general english sentences using a Gerkins language. Gerkins has specific keywords like Given, When, Then, and And. We have to write sentences in english followed by these keywords as shown below. Now create the cucumber feature file and copy the below steps or write your own steps.  

2. Create StepDef class(

In this class we write the Java methods for the steps defined in above cucumber file. Each step will have one definition or Methods that's why we call it step definitions.

Create a step definitions for above steps in step definition package.

3. Create TestRunner file (

In contains the path of the feature file and step definitions that you want to execute. Basically it link our cucumber steps, step definitions and other reports package or folders. It will also run the project.

Hoping that you enjoyed reading this post and working on the project. Working on hands-on automation projects like this one is the best way to sharpen your skills.

I hope you have learned something new today. 

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