Mostly asked Cucumber interview questions in selenium automation interviews.

Author: neptune | 02nd-Apr-2023

    1. What is Cucumber? Why do we use Cucumber?

    Cucumber is a behavior-driven development (BDD) automation testing tool. Cucumber is used to create testcases using that customer can easily understand. It uses a Gherkin language to create a testcases. Gherkins is a readable business language that allows you to write testcases that do not require any technical knowledge.

    1. What are the primary keywords used in Cucumber ?

    Cucumber has pre-builds keywords like feature, Rule, Example, Given, When, Then, Background.


    1. Programming languages supported by the Cucumber BDD framework ?

    Programming languages supported by Cucumber  include Java, JavaScript, PHP, Net, Python, Perl, etc. 

    1. Cucumber developed in which language ?

    The Cucumber software tool is written in Ruby language.

    1. Purpose of using Cucumber BDD framework ?

    To understand cucumber driven development deep technical knowledge is not required, so the Business team understood it easily.

    1. Which language is used to write the features in the Cucumber framework ?

    Gherkin language is used for writing features.

    1. Which two files are involved in the Cucumber framework ?

    Feature and StepDefinitions file is used in cucumber.

    1. What is the use of the Background keyword in Cucumber ?

    Background keyword is used to group multiple Scenarios in a single feature file. 

    1. What is Cucumber Dry Run ?

    It is used to compile the feature files and step definitions to ensure there are no compilation errors in code. If there is some error in code then we can rectify and resolve the same.

    1. When Cucumber integrated with Selenium then what is the point of execution ?

    TestRunner class is the point of execution.

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