Top 10 Reasons to learn React

Author: neptune | 24th-Nov-2022

React is a popular open-source JavaScript library to create robust and dynamic user interfaces for web applications.

1. React is Popular

ReactJS has emerged as one of the most extensive libraries used by developers and businesses in the past few years. 

Created by Facebook, React excels in these three areas: 

1. Being declarative 

2. Painless framework for developers 

3. Creating Interactive User Interfaces(UI)

Such is its popularity that React web development was the second most-used framework in 2022, with 42.62% of software developers using it now.

2. React is Declarative

Let’s understand the relationship between declarative and imperative may help us understand why React is declarative React provides an effortless way to create interactive UIs rather than using native JavaScript to maintain dom.

All we need to do is update our data then React UI will auto-update while the data changed.

3. React is Component-based

React is a popular JavaScript-based library used for building user interfaces with a component-based architecture approach.

Components are independent and reusable bits of code. They serve the same purpose as JavaScript functions, but work in isolation and return HTML.

To understand the basic of a React Native app, you need to understand some of the basic React concepts, like JSX, components, state , and props.

4. React is easy to learn

1. React is easy to learn, but only once you have foundational knowledge in JavaScript.

2. React may be learned by a novice programmer in a matter of days. 

3. In this digital world plenty of resources are available to learn React.

4. Once you start learning react you will fall in love then that learning will become easy you know what I mean. 

5. High Paying Skill

According to PayScale, React.js engineers average salaries are about $82,863 yearly in the US. Rates charged by React.js developers on Upwork vary from $15 to $150 an hour. 

6. React is Scalable

React is a perfect choice if you expect project maintainability and scalability. React.js architecture can scale well and meet the needs of business expansion.

7. Large Community

React has a community of millions of developers. React Native is a widely used technology, empowered by a massive community of hundreds of thousands of developers and downloaded over 1 million times every week.

8. Many Companies use React

React JS is used by tech giants such as Facebook, Instagram, Netflix, and others to improve customer satisfaction and retain brand equity.

Around 2000 companies reportedly use React in their tech stacks. The Tesla app is also written in React Native, especially for their vehicles and Powerwall.

9. React Updates Faster

Many of the features in React 18 are built on top of new concurrent renderer, a behind-the-scenes change that unlocks powerful new capabilities.

Latest major version includes out-of-the-box improvements like automatic batching, new APIs like startTransition, and streaming server-side rendering with support for Suspense.

10. Lots of Jobs in Market

The Demand for ReactJs developers has grown substantially.

There are plenty of opportunities for React now days in the market reason ReactJs has gained a lot of popularity among tech companies across the globe recently and mainly in India, the credit goes to its extensive nature and resourcefulness, superb documentation, ever growing developer resources and support from Facebook Inc.


ReactJS has emerged as one of the most extensive libraries used by developers and businesses in the past few years. React has a community of millions of developers. Now a days React is high paying skill.

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