Things you should know about God!

Author: neptune | 30th-Nov-2022 | Views: 337

1. Any lack you feel is a lack of the chase for understanding What God is? God's truth is beyond words, beyond understanding, and beyond the most positive feeling you've ever felt.

Chase→ Question→Learn.

2. Money is a toy in the hands of God. Put God first, and

money will follow.

3. Do not rely on God blindly. He does not respond when prayer is made in his name. He responds when he sees prayer combined with action.

4. Results are entirely in his hand. Because neither success nor failure is what you're doing alone. Only your honesty & dedication are in your hands. God always rewards integrity, especially at work.

5. If you feel you have not got your due, Actually he is saving "your due" for the right time. The universe always registers hard work.

6. Astrology may be real. But the outcomes of astrological charts and the results of your destiny can be drastically altered by Hard work, faith & willpower can mould reality.

7. If you can do nothing about it, leave it entirely to him. The more you believe, the quicker he responds.

8. Spiritual suffering exists in our world. There are evolved humans, there are seekers. Some people find 'peace' in never thinking about God or the universe. Don't look down on anyone. 

Timing is a huge factor in every soul's journey. Avoid growing a spiritual ego at all costs. Just focus on your growth.

9. Judgement of others.

Causing harm in other's careers/life. Creating even tiny pains in another's life. No matter what, avoid these at all costs. 

God will move away from souls that leave the World more painful than they found it.

10. Leave the world happier than you found it. Strive to make that a part of your life's purpose. You will not take money, fame, or even love with you when you die. You will simply take your karma.


Stand up for what's wrong in God's world. Give every day your best shot. Have faith that his plan is the right plan for your soul.

Sending you all, lots of love ❤️.

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