How Sundar Pichai became the CEO of Google?

Author: neptune | 02nd-Apr-2022

Sundar Pichai's growth in Google is only due to his foresightedness towards the company's development.

During his initial days at Google, Google used to be a default search engine for internet explorer (owned by Microsoft).

Pichai clearly predicted the importance of having their own web browser as once Microsoft gets their own search engine, Google would have no word to serve and their company would bear serious loss.

In the beginning, when he proposed his idea about a new web browser, people at Google saw it as a worthless proposal.

But within a few days, Microsoft came up with their own search engine “MICROSOFT BING".

And that is when Google started to understand Pichai's vision for the company.

Pichai has already anticipated Microsoft's move and worked on Google Chrome as a backdoor work. So when Microsoft launched their search engine, Pichai already had his prototype for Google Chrome ready, and Google developed the chrome wing at a rapid pace.

If it hadn't been for Google Chrome, Google search engine wouldn't have become such a popular search engine of all time.

And later on Pichai started developing new Chrome apps ranging from Chrome cast, Chrome OS, Chrome pads to the recent Chrome mobiles.

Presently Pichai is working on the development of Al as well as machine learning projects.

So the thing which took Pichai to his Pinnacle is "his vision for the company, his passion towards his work and his unshakeable beliefs at his instincts".

Hope you got something from this article 🙂.

anonymous | March 11, 2022, 8:18 a.m.


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