Behavior and Habits of Successful People to Follow.

Author: neptune | 14th-Nov-2022

1. Unlearn

Definitely, a question comes to your mind Why do I write unlearn in good habit instead of learning?

Let’s understand this from an example of a workaholic:

“Workaholic person thinks that he is hardworking until he noticed that he is hurting himself by ruining his health”. 

When he realizes and accepts it, then he needs to unlearn his old habits and need to learn “How to manage work, life, and self-care”. 

If he can’t unlearn his old habits then it is difficult for him to learn new habits actually learning activity has an enemy called the unlearning activity. 

Always Remember :

“Unlearning is not about forgetting, it’s about reducing the influence of old knowledge on our cognitive ability”.

2. Listen

Listening is one of the habits of successful people. Listening doesn’t mean you are silent while someone is speaking and your facial expression says you are listening but you are thinking about something. 

These are a few qualities of good listeners:

1. Good listening is much more than being silent while another person talks.

2. Good listening included interactions that build a person’s self-esteem.

3. Good listening was seen as a cooperative conversation.

4. Good listeners tended to make suggestions. 

3. Take Initiative

Taking initiative is finding ways to be resourceful and taking action or doing something before others do it or before you are told to do it.

4. Seek Challenges

Always remember every problem comes with opportunity. Successful people always seek challenges they don’t afraid to challenge opportunities that test their patience and abilities.

Try to put yourself in a new situation and get out of your comfort zone.

5. Be accountable

Leaders who can trust their team foster a culture of personal accountability among everyone because it gives the space for each team member to carry their own weight, ask for help when needed, and become personally accountable for their outcomes and role in achieving those outcomes.

6. Maintain Say/Do ratio

That's the ratio of things you say you will do to the things you follow through on and do. In a perfect world, your say/do ratio is 1:1, meaning you have done everything that you said you would do. The reliable person has a rhythm of say, do, say, do, say, do.

For instance, if I were to tell my team that I will help them overcome an impediment in some way and do not follow through, my SAY: DO ratio just decreased.

7. Be Inclusive

Inclusive leaders are individuals who are aware of their own biases and actively seek out and consider different perspectives to inform their decision-making and collaborate more effectively with others.

Examples include prioritizing equality in your company's goals and vision state, implementing inclusive hiring practices, and helping employees reach their full potential.

8. Gives 100%

Whatever you do with them, remember, a good leader doesn't simply tell people what to do, they give people the skills, tools, and guidance to do.

9. Growth Mindset

A leader with a growth mindset sees opportunities for their team, even during times of crisis.

10. Consumer to Contributor

Instead of unconscious, compulsive consuming, leader choose a mindset of conscious and connected contribution. Leader can recognize that life is reciprocal and social. We can participate in each of our interactions as an exchange of energy that affects both sides far beyond the products and services purchased, or the money made.

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