Apple Man Of Himachal: 🍎Samuel Stokes🍏

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Apple Man Of Himachal: 🍎Samuel Stokes 🍏 

When Samuel Stokes left home in Philadelphia & set sail for India aged 22, his parents had hoped he would return home after a year or two. But his parents waited for his return but this did not happen. Instead, Stokes made India his home.

Stokes worked very closely with Mahatma Gandhi & during Non-Cooperation Movement he actively participated. He was imprisoned for six months for sedition in the Lahore jail & refused bail, he was the only American to be jailed in India's struggle for Independence.

He supported India by wearing Khadi, married an Indian, learned Sanskrit, and became a Hindu. He also contributed to the Indian education system in Himachal Pradesh by setting up a school. He motivated Himachal Pradesh farmers to grow apples. 

The hill state's most famous produce owes its origins to the apple cuttings Stokes had brought from America to persuade farmers to start apple cultivation.

Samuel Stokes renamed himself Satyanand & never went back to the US. He made a trip in 1914 with his young wife. His family still maintains roots in Kotgarh in Himachal Pradesh where Stokes started it all.

Our hero died in 1946 & was cremated in the hills he loved so dearly. We all forgot his contribution or it is largely been ignored by us.

A few years ago, his granddaughter Asha Sharma, wrote a biography on Samuel Stokes, "An American in Khadi" you must read it and also share this with your friends.

So next time you eat an apple from Himachal, remember him for a moment.

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