React.js vs React Native – What's the Difference?

Author: neptune | 26th-Mar-2023

React.js and React Native are both frameworks developed by Facebook for building user interfaces. However, they are not the same and have different use cases. We will explore them in detail in this article.

Are React.js and React Native the same?

React.js is a JavaScript library used for building web applications. It allows developers to create reusable UI components and manage the state of the application. React.js is used for building web applications that run in a browser.

React Native, on the other hand, is a framework used for building mobile applications. It allows developers to build mobile apps using JavaScript and React.js syntax. React Native uses native components instead of web components, which makes it possible to build high-performance mobile apps that look and feel like native apps.

Which One to Choose and Why?

When it comes to choosing between React.js and React Native, it depends on the project requirements. If the project requires building a web application, then React.js is the right choice. If the project requires building a mobile application, then React Native is the right choice.

In summary, React.js is used for building web applications, while React Native is used for building mobile applications. Both frameworks use similar syntax and concepts, but they are optimised for different platforms.

Limitations Of Using Reactjs

React.js has some limitations, such as a steep learning curve, as it requires knowledge of JavaScript and other web development technologies. Complex setup, and performance issues with large applications. It also has limited support for server-side rendering and can be slower than other frameworks for large-scale applications.

Limitations Of Using React Native

Similarly, React Native has limitations such as limited access to native APIs and a lack of support for some third-party libraries. It also requires knowledge of mobile development technologies and can have performance issues for complex applications.

Despite these limitations, both React.js and React Native have advantages. 

Advantages Of Using Reactjs

React.js allows us to reuse the components, efficient rendering, and easy debugging. ReactJS is also SEO friendly, as it allows developers to create server-side rendering of the UI. This means that search engines can easily crawl and index the content, improving the website's visibility and ranking.

Advantages of Using React Native

One of the main advantages of React Native is that it allows developers to build mobile apps for both iOS and Android platforms using a single codebase. This can save time and resources compared to building separate apps for each platform.

In summary, React Native allows for cross-platform development, faster development cycles, and a native look and feel for mobile apps.


In conclusion, the choice between React.js and React Native depends on the specific needs of the project. If the project requires web development, React.js is the better choice. If the project requires mobile development, React Native is the better choice. Both frameworks have their strengths and limitations, and it is important to consider them when making a decision.

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