Java Script Interview Questions

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Basic JavaScript questions asked in interviews

1. What are the different data types present in javascript?

2. Explain Hoisting in javascript.

3. Difference between "==" and "===" operators.

4. Explain Implicit Type Coercion in javascript.

5. Is javascript a statically typed or a dynamically typed language?

6. What is NaN property in JavaScript?

7. Explain passed by value and passed by reference.

8. What is an Immediately Invoked Function in javascript?

9. Explain Higher Order Functions in javascript.

10. Explain "this" keyword.

11. Explain call(), apply() and bind() methods.

12. What is Currying in javascript?

13. Explain Scope and Scope Chain in javascript.

14. Explain Closures in JavaScript.

15. What are object prototypes?

16. What are callbacks?

 17. What is memoization?

18. What is recursion in a programming language?

19. What is the use of a constructor function in javascript? 

20. What is DOM?

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