Top 20 Coding Problems Patterns

Author: neptune | 24th-Sep-2022 | Views: 570

Everyone who is preparing for DSA is well known about the platform coding platform but the problem is, there are a lot of questions to practice which need a lot of time to solve and no one really likes to spend that much time solving all those problems.

The Solution -

One technique that people often follow is to solve questions related to the same data structure; for example, focusing on questions related to Arrays, then LinkedList, HashMap, Heap, Tree, or Trie, etc.

I have gathered around 20 of these coding problem patterns that I believe can help anyone learn these beautiful algorithmic techniques and make a real difference in the coding interviews.

1) Sliding Window

2) Islands (Matrix Traversal)

3) Two Pointers

4) Fast & Slow Pointers

5) Merge Intervals

6) Cyclic Sort

7) In-place Reversal of a LinkedList

8) Tree Breadth-First Search

9) Tree Depth First Search

10) Two Heaps

11) Subsets

12) Modified Binary Search

13) Bitwise XOR

14) Top ‘K’ Elements

15) K-way Merge

16) Topological Sort

17) 0/1 Knapsack

18) Fibonacci Numbers

19) Palindromic Subsequence

20) Longest Common Substring

Don’t ignore Computer Fundamentals that are the building blocks of any coding problems. Understanding basics is very important.

Hope this list of coding patterns will Help! you in your coding interview.

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