Three golden rules of Microservice

Author: neptune | 20th-Nov-2022

The three golden rules of Microservices include:

  • Componentize

  • Collaborate

  • Connect

As you plan to decouple your application into smaller, independent services in general Microservice expect to split your existing teams into smaller, independent units.

Jeff Bezos, founder and CEO of, famously coined the idea of a โ€œTwo-Pizza teamโ€ which means teams should not be larger than what two pizzas can feed.

3C's - Componentize

Componentization of single application into multiple serviceable components is the most important activity in Microservice architecture. 

Best would be to start by defining a RESTful API to access this service, then plan and create an implementation using comfortable development language and platform.

3C's- Collaborate

Communication among bigger teams becomes complex, which results in numerous mistakes and curbing the speed of development.

Collaboration among teams focuses around API contracts and Technology standardization.

3C's- Connect

The final delivery of an application requires more than the development of the constituent components.

These components must be connected, presentation layer and additional services must be layered in, then the completed application must be delivered to users. Given that microservices must communicate using APIs.


People are more important than process. Itโ€™s key to share the lessons learned with development team, so that when you expand the scope of your microservices initiative, they are supportive and willing to embrace the change.

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