Elon Musk Remove Twitter Block Users Feature

Author: neptune | 19th-Aug-2023
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In a recent tweet that has sparked widespread discussion, Elon Musk, announced his intention to remove the "block" feature. Musk tweeted, "Block is going to be deleted as a 'feature,' except for DMs." 

This unexpected statement has raised questions about the feasibility and implications of such a move, including whether it aligns with app store policies.

The Controversial Move

Twitter, a platform known for its rapid-fire communication and engagement, has long offered the ability for users to block other accounts. This feature allows users to restrict interactions from accounts they do not wish to engage with, effectively preventing them from seeing the user's tweets or engaging in conversations with them.

Musk's proposal to remove the block feature, with the exception of direct messages (DMs), has generated mixed reactions. While some users applaud the idea, suggesting that it could encourage more open and constructive dialogue, others express concerns about the potential for harassment and abuse without a means of protecting oneself from unwanted interactions.

Feasibility and Technical Implications

The technical feasibility of removing the block users feature on Twitter remains a point of contention. The block feature serves as a crucial tool for many users who seek to control their online experiences and protect their mental well-being. Removing the feature entirely could lead to negative consequences, such as increased instances of online harassment and cyberbullying.

App Store Policies and User Safety

One significant consideration in this discussion is how Musk's proposed change aligns with the policies of app stores, particularly Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Both platforms have guidelines aimed at ensuring user safety, which includes provisions to prevent online abuse and harassment.

While Musk's proposal might not directly violate these guidelines, there could be concerns from users, advocacy groups, and even the app store operators themselves. The removal of a feature designed to enhance user safety could potentially lead to backlash and even calls for intervention by app store platforms to maintain a safe online environment for users.

The Future of Twitter's Features

Elon Musk's tweets often attract significant attention and generate lively discussions. His proposal to remove the block users feature on Twitter, while retaining it for direct messages, is a bold move that has ignited conversations about the trade-offs between open dialogue and user safety.


As of now, it remains to be seen whether Musk's suggestion will lead to any concrete changes on the platform. Twitter's development team will likely need to carefully consider the technical, ethical, and user-experience aspects of such a significant alteration before taking any steps in that direction.

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