Create MySQL Database from Scratch

Author: neptune | 31st-Aug-2022 | Views: 345

How to create a DB in MySQL Server from Scratch?

Most of us at least know how to query the data from a table using a Select statement. But when it comes to creating a database then some of us may not know How to create DB from scratch?
In this article, I will show you how you can create a DB from scratch and create or alter tables.

Follow these steps:

Step1: Open MySQL Workbench or CMD Prompt.

Step2: Use the below cmd to create a Database.

Syntax: Create Database <Database name>;

Query : Create Database NeptuneDB;

Note : Run the below cmd to select DB if you have more than one DB.
Syntax : Use <database name>;

Query: Use NeptuneDB;

Step3: Now Create a tables in the newly created database.
Syntax: Create table <table name> (column1 data_type, column2 data_type,...);
Query: Create table Users (

UserID int,

FirstName varchar(255),

LastName varchar(255),

Email varchar(255),

Address varchar(255) );

Step4: Now insert the values into the table we just created.
Syntax : INSERT INTO <table name> VALUES (column1, column2,...);

'1','Neptune','World','neptuneworld. [email protected]',


Note: Above syntax work when you pass all the column values.

Just like that you can create other tables in the same DB.
Example of another table:
Articles table created.

If you want to add new column in table then you can use ALTER cmd.
Example : New column added in Articles table.

Finally, we create a database and also create and alter table. This will definitely help you if you are starting to learn MySQL Server.

Thanks for Reading !!!

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