How to kill multiple processes in one cmd.
Author: neptune | 11th-Dec-2022 | views: 57
I think most of us use task manager to end/kill processes if the application doesn’t respond...

Unix Questions for Interview
Author: neptune | 10th-May-2022 | views: 191
Question : Find all the empty files inside the directory OFFICE and delete them. Answer: $ find OFFICE/ -empty -type f -delete ...

Top linux commands every developer should know.
Author: neptune | 08th-May-2022 | views: 512
We are going to explore top commands of Linux / Ubuntu that every developer should know...

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“Stay Hungry Stay Foolish” - Speech by Steve Jobs
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At Stanford University Steve Job’s address commencement in 2005 is one of the most famous speeches “Stay Hungry Stay Foolish”. It has been described as 'life-changing” speech...

How do you know “You are Rich?” - By IIT Student.
Author: neptune | 13th-Oct-2022 | views: 1434
We all thought that we knew answer and we replied as following: “ZERO" means nothing. "INFINITY" means uncountable number”. He encounter “How number can be greater than any countable number?"..

Architecture of API Gateway
Author: neptune | 15th-Nov-2022 | views: 539
#API #Microservice
Creating an API starts with the publisher, where it will be designed, and it will be published to the store for the consumer to explore and subscribe...

Introduction to React
Author: neptune | 11th-Dec-2022 | views: 380
Virtual DOM is an lightweight copy of DOM. It can be changed when we want and then can be saved to the real DOM. Every change Virtual DOM efficiently rerenders the DOM...